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1 on 1 metoring

Ready to learn everything about newborn photography?

Come join me in my studio for hands on 1:1 mentoring

Studio lighting, camera settings, white balance, flow posing, angles, setup and everything from A to Z from start to finish of
a full newborn session
Setting and preparing the studio for newborns, prepping the parents, soothing baby and how to make a calm relaxing atmosphere

post processing, camera raw and batch editing to make
a easy work flow

Please contact me for more information on 1 on 1 mentoring for newborn photography




  • Taking Nicole’s 1-on-1 workshop has been so much more then I originally imagined. Spending the day with her and two newborn models and learning her workflow, flow posing on the beanbag and props, shooting angles, camera settings and lighting and all the little tips and tricks in addition to the second day covering batch editing and learning how she achieves her final product was mind blowing. Nicole Serafin’s workshop has helped me tremendously to achieve the poses and flow I struggled with.
    But it does not stop there – Nicole genuinely cares that I grow and succeed. She checks in with me and is always open to answer my questions. She provides support in a private mentoring group where I can post images and get her to provide constructive feedback. I’m impressed that Nicole is an ‘open book’ so to speak and truly believes in collaboration over competition. I highly recommend Nicole’s workshop to new photographers and seasoned photographers that just want to polish up their workflow. Tam


  • I recently did a 1.1 mentoring with Nicole, and I would strongly recommend it to anyone who is trying to advance their photography business. Nicole does an awesome job teaching and was a lot of fun to work with. You will love learning from Nicole !!!!! Michelle